The Moon Pool – Abraham Merritt


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “The Moon Pool” is written by one of the great authors of early science fiction and fantasy, Abraham Merritt. An ancient horror comes to life. There was a forsaken island in the South Pacific—Ponape was its name. It was an island was filled with ancient mystery. During the hours of darkness, the full moon illuminated the decadent ruins of an elder civilization—a civilization that vanished long ago. But one day, freed from the depths of the ocean, came the Dweller, a glittering, mysterious, timeless force of incomprehensible horror, whose radiant beauty stalked the South Pacific, taking all human beings in its path. But an international expedition, led by daring Americans Walter Goodwin and Larry O’Keefe, raced to save those who had fallen victim to the Dweller. But in doing so they stumbled upon a lost race, a subhuman species of frog-like creatures, and a beautiful she-devil who was the embodiment of evil. “The Moon Pool” is an amazing tale, told by one of the masters of “lost world” novels, Abraham Merritt.