The Rocketeer – (Blu-ray)


Much like Dick Tracy (1990), The Rocketeer was another attempt by Disney to find a way to make characters and themes that were popular in the 40s and 50s profitable in the 1990s. Much like Dick Tracy, they failed miserably.

This takes the basic story of, say, Zombies of the Stratosphere or King of the Rocket Men or Commando Cody Skymarshall of the universe, and gives it a 1990s coat of paint, a dose of the Reluctant Hero, a sprinkle of inappropriate humor, and a whole mess of early CGI.

The end result was a commercial failure, which is a shame because it’s a charming film that comes pretty close to succeeding.

Worth a watch if you’re in to 40s and 50s film serials.

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