The Stone from the Green Star – Jack Williamson


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “The Stone from the Green Star” is a great novel from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. It was the quest for eternal youth… In the far-off future, human civilization has reached a plateau. Man has conquered space; he has conquered starvation, and his quest for further knowledge drives him to conquer the limits of the normal human lifespan. With great zeal, man sets out to find the elixir of youth. A team of four is assembled: A blind scientist and his beautiful daughter, a dashing space explorer, and a youthful adventurer from the distant past. Together, they travel on an interstellar ferry into the deepest reaches of outer space on their quest to find the secret of eternal youth—a quest that brings them to a planet of cold green fire, fraught with unfriendly natives and brutal space pirates. “The Stone from the Green Star” is a masterpiece of interplanetary adventure from one of the deans of modern science fiction, Jack Williamson.