The Time Trap & The Lunar Lichen – Henry Kuttner & Hal Clement


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel “The Time Trap” is the story of Kent Mason, an archaeologist hopelessly lost in the desert, who stumbles into the ruins of an ancient city, Al Bekr. Two of the surviving structures of this crumbling metropolis are a pair of titanic towers that still reach high up into the sky. Unknown to Mason, though, these two towers are the remains of a time portal that, even many centuries later, is still active. Mason unknowingly steps into this portal and finds himself flung into one of the most fantastic adventures ever conceived in the mind of any science fiction author. Henry Kuttner, who wrote this novel for Marvel Science Stories in 1938, weaves a tale filled with more monsters, mayhem, beautiful naked girls, monstrous villains, unimaginable threats, and bizarre plot twists than any reader could have possibly imagined. It is a riveting science fiction fantasy you will long remember. The second novel is “The Lunar Lichen.” If a self-absorbed geologist was telling the truth, he had indeed made a radical discovery on the Lunar surface. But Dr. Jack Imbriano had his doubts. Just exactly where on the moon did geologist Milt Ingersoll find this new species of lichen? And with the destruction of the suspect plant samples, the whole Lunar crew began to wonder…was Ingersoll trying to perpetrate a hoax? If so, what was his motive and, more importantly, what would be his next move? Ten men were sent to the Moon on an expedition to record the various Lunar resources. And in the end, ten men would fight valiantly to return safely back to Earth! Danger and intrigue abound in Hal Clement’s cunning tale of one man’s search for fame and another man’s search for the truth.