Worlds Without End & The Lavender Vine of Death – Clifford D. Simak & Don Wilcox


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Worlds Without End” is an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller from one of the masters of the golden age of science fiction, Clifford D. Simak. Dreams can become nightmares. The Dreams Department was supposed to give people the dreams of their choice, to put them into a world of their own. But something was terribly wrong. Dreams clients were not getting what they paid for, and Norman Blaine had to find out the how and why of the mystery—before it cost him his life! The second novel, “The Lavender Vine of Death” is a wonderful interplanetary adventure. It was a monstrous creature that spiraled through the sky. It floated through the skies of the kingdom at night—and it left a wake of death in its path. What was the secret of the terrifying lavender vine, and who controlled it? Only the King, his corrupt Prime Minister, and an elfish little frog-boy knew the real truth about the vine. However, it took a courageous slave and a beautiful girl from Earth to bring these secrets to light and expose a web of interplanetary corruption that threatened even the King himself. If you love epic science fiction adventure, you’ll love this thrilling novel, penned by one of the most prolific science fiction authors of the golden age of pulp magazines, Don Wilcox.