Ice City of the Gorgon & When the World Tottered – Richard S. Shaver, Chester S. Geier, and Lester del Rey


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels, filled with original illustrations. The first novel, “Ice City of the Gorgon” is grand tale of science fiction and fantasy by Richard S. Shaver and Chester S. Geier. Did anything like the legendary Gorgon actually exist? Could it really turn men to stone with its mere gaze, or did it have powers even more horrible? Two American flyers found the answer in an ice-covered valley of Antarctica. They also found a lost city run by a woman of incredible beauty with a penchant for tyranny and lust. The second novel, “When the World Tottered” is another terrific science-fantasy tale by one of science fiction’s great authors, Lester Del Rey. Welcome to Asgard, the land of the ancient gods: Odin, Thor, Loki, and all the other immortals. However, If the fates were correct, a terrible disaster would soon befall Odin and his mighty sons. Then there was a visitor from the outside world—a mortal man from the 20th Century. His name was Leif Svensen and in his hands appeared to rest the future of Asgard. Could it possibly be that a mere mortal could change the destiny of the gods?