Beyond Pluto & Artery of Fire – John S. Campbell & Thomas N. Scortia


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels, complete with original illustrations. The first novel, “Beyond Pluto,” is sprawling science fiction adventure classic by John S. Campbell. Whisked away to another world! David Lawrence and his companions set out to find an ancient lost city hidden in the wilds of southern Egypt. After days of trekking through the wildest country imaginable, they discovered a fantastic, miles-long ridge of unbelievable proportions. But what lay beyond that mammoth blockade of earth and stone was far more than just the ruins of an ancient city. What they discovered was a futuristic civilization so advanced that travel between the stars was commonplace. And before they knew it, Lawrence and his fellow explorers found themselves catapulted through the deepest reaches of outer space and dropped into the middle of a massive interplanetary war! This memorable science fiction classic is a must-read, combining the best of steamy deep-jungle adventure and the nail-biting thrills of interstellar combat. The second novel, “Artery of fire” is a tense science thriller by Thomas N. Scortia. It was potentially life-giving energy from a world of perpetual cold. It was, quite simply, the most phenomenal engineering feat ever accom¬plished by man. It was called the “Artery.” It piped power from distant Pluto all the way to an impoverished Earth, and success of the Artery project was life itself to its creator, Norman Bayerd. However, now the same politicians and scien¬tists who had opposed him all along were there to bedevil him yet again. But even worse than that was the sabotage that threw off the Artery’s beam…