G.O.G. 666 – John Taine


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “G.O.G. 666” was written by mathematician and science fiction author John Taine. This is a taut tale of ethics in genetics…How far is too far? When three Communist scientists arrived in America on an official visit, they brought with them a great, hulking assistant named Gog. U.S. Intelligence believed there was more behind their “visit” than they were claiming, so they enlisted the help of Dr. Clive Chase, who was asked to become a spy. Reluctantly, he accepted the challenge; and in doing so discovered the unthinkable truth behind the visiting scientists’ real motives—a truth that could cost him his life. Here is a terrific science fiction tale about biology run wild, with a good dose of International intrigue thrown in for good measure. According to the author, John Taine, this story may have had some connections to actual real life events. Could G.O.G. 666 have been real? One can only speculate…