Iron Men of Venus & The Man With Absolute Motion – Don Wilcox & Noel Loomis


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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Iron Men of Venus,” features fantastic robots rising up from the depths of the ocean. They were huge lumbering metal monstrosities, seemingly hell-bent on destroying everything in sight. A city was left aflame in the wake of their mindless onslaught. But were these towering monsters from Earth, or were they the invasion forerunners from another planet? The second novel, “The Man With Absolute Motion,” is a tale of science at the crossroads. The universe had grown so vast that time and space had taken on new dimensions for man, and his millenium-long progress toward the stars had changed the destiny of Earth forever. However, galactic war still remained a possibility and human nature was still fiery and unpredictable. Could one unusual man make sanity prevail? Lots of tense action and space adventure thrills are featured in both of these exciting novels, penned by two sci-fi veterans, Don Wilcox and Noel Loomis.