Moon of Battle & The Mutant Weapon – J.J. Allerton & Murray Leinster


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Moon of Battle” by J. J. Allerton. It was a planet where peace seemed impossible. Driving a gas truck down highway 63 was one thing, but Pratt Marsh discovered that driving it across the mountains and wastelands of the moon was another, especially when it was millions of years in the future! He found midgets, stone-men and giants, all with various levels of mental powers ranging from telepathy to stupidity. These were some of the curious inhabitants of Luona. But it seemed to Pratt that this world had been created for just one purpose: deadly, bloody war. Conflict overwhelmed everyone who set foot on its ravaged surface. Could a simple earthman survive on this planet of eternal struggle? The second novel is by legendary sci-fi author, Murray Leinster. “The Mutant Weapon” is about a space doctor’s dilemma. The only links between the far-flung colonies throughout the galaxy were the Medical Service spaceships. It was natural therefore that when these lonely travelers paid a call, they were given a royal welcome. No wonder Med Serviceman Calhoun got the shock of his life when the landing grid on newly colonized Maris III tried to destroy his ship! And when he managed to make a crash-landing, he was even more shocked by the grisly fact that most of the colonists had starved to death—even though there was plenty of food around. Forgetting his horror, Calhoun had to move fast to keep the fate of Maris III from being the beginning of the end for all the colonial planets.