The Burning World & Forever is Too Long – Algis Budrys & Chester S. Geier


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is from one of the best sci-fi authors of the ‘50s and ‘60s, Algis Budry’s “The Burning World.” Could the battle for freedom ever be won—as long as some men still wanted to fight for it? That was the dilemma that Freemen President Kimmensen faced. He had helped to depose the old despots of Earth, providing society with the ultimate dream of freedom—a freedom that no man could take away. Now that all citizens were armed with new super-weapons, each man was his own protector, and nothing would be strong enough to intrude upon his liberties. But trouble was brewing in the Northwest, and from that trouble a new voice had risen. It was a voice calling for the resurrection of the military, an army to squelch all threats and to protect society’s utopian freedoms. But armies had been done away with. They had been the hallmark of the tyrannical times of the past. So how far would an aging idealist go to protect the “freedoms” he had provided? Budrys creates an Earth caught in a web of twisted morality in this brilliant tale of the far off future. The second novel, “Forever is too Long” is one of author Chester S. Geier’s best tales. Imagine being 32 years old for all eternity. If you found you could live forever, what would you do—search for wealth, power, happiness…perhaps even death? Those were some of the choices Stanley Trevor faced. It started one evening when a tiny meteor plummeted to Earth. After a lab experiment went awry, Trevor found his body had somehow been transformed. It was now impervious to aging! It took him many years to realize the truth of his newfound immortality, but the choices it left him were profound indeed. Would he ever be able to live a normal life? Would he ever be able to love? How would he be able to stand the heartache of watching his dear ones wither and die…time after time? It would not be an easy thing to do.