Secret of the Black Planet & The Outcasts of Solar III – Milton Lesser & Emmett McDowell


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Secret of the Black Planet” is a grand futuristic opus by Milton Lesser about a great mystery in the Asteroid Belt. His name was John Hastings…or was it? No…it was Bok-kura, the Jovian StrongMan who thrilled thousands in Dufree’s circus sideshow. Bok-kura had very big muscles and almost no problems—until a girl from Mars made a remark that got him elected as the man most likely to be murdered! But he was a man with no past, at least not one he could remember. Then his memories started to come back—slowly. Memories that would eventually lead him to Mars, and soon after, the mysterious Asteroid Belt—within which lay the secret of his past. But even more so, the secrets of Mankind’s past, as well as its future. Come along with master sci-fi storyteller Milton Lesser as he spins one of his finest tales. The second novel is a tale about the secrets of space-time travel by Emmett McDowell, “The Outcasts of Solar III.” The Corporations of Terra were locked in a deadly battle to wrest control from the Government. The mysteries of space-time travel had finally been discovered and were now ready to be tested. Spies for General Atomic were closing in fast on the Government’s men, but Jon Saxon was not your average G-man. He had powers. Extra-sensory powers. Accompany Saxon and his crew of specialists, onlookers, and mutineers as they hurtle across the void toward Alpha Centauri—toward yet another world of intrigue and manipulation in this fantastic tale of interstellar flight and the darkest secrets of mankind’s origins.