The Deadly Dowager – Greenwood, Edwin


When the Dowager Arabella, Lady Engleton announces to her relatives her jolly scheme to restore the family’s fortunes by insuring their lives in favor of her grandson and heir, the young Lord Henry, they laugh at her and think her mad. But they won’t be laughing for long. Soon she begins to kill them off one by one with sinister mirth and gruesome inventiveness …

Forgotten today, Edwin Greenwood (1895-1937) was the author of several clever and darkly humorous crime novels that were highly acclaimed by critics and admired by the master of the macabre, Arthur Machen. This edition features a new introduction by Mark Valentine, who argues that although Greenwood’s “novels have been largely lost to view, it is high time they delighted a fresh readership,” and a reproduction of the original dust jacket art.

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