The Green Girl & The Robot Peril – Jack Williamson & Don Wilcox


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is another “can’t-put-it-down” gem by Jack Williamson, “The Green Girl.” At high noon on May 4th the sun went out. And at that moment the youthful Melvin Dane was thrust into the most amazing adventure ever encountered by a mortal man. For years he had dreamed of a beautiful green-skinned girl, and now that dream of love was to materialize into a threat that held the promise of death for every living being on Earth. To meet the challenge of a blacked-out world, Mel followed a scientific trail that led to dangers undreamed of: a horrific serpent-like creature; a red globe of atomic destruction, murderous zombies, silver globes of sudden death, and strange dragon plants. All of this awaits you in Jack Williamson’s powerful novel, “The Green Girl,” a true masterpiece from the golden age of science-fiction. The second novel is “The Robot Peril” by sci-fi vet, Don Wilcox. Imagine what it would be like to find yourself thrown—unwillingly—into a state of frozen suspended animation. Imagine awakening in a world of the future—a hundred and fifty years later! That’s what happened to Blaine Rising, Marcella Kingman, and James Brayton. However, this trio from the past was soon excited about starting new lives in a futuristic new world. It was filled with amazing technologies and awash with countless new challenges. But soon they discovered a ghastly industry that made robots out of humans. Then to their horror, one in their trio was taken to become a human robot himself. Join Don Wilcox as he spins another of his wild science fiction tales, the type of tale that earned him the nickname, “The Mad Man, Don Wilcox.”