The Green Man Returns – Harold M. Sherman


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Armchair Fiction presents the best in classic science fiction novels. “The Green Man Returns” is a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi satire written by Harold M. Sherman. Was it the last chance for Earth? The Great Light came to Earth as the Green Man had said—and there was no war… In this tongue-in-cheek, often moralistic sequel to “The Green Man,” Numar of Talamaya returns to tell the world of his far-reaching plan to change Earth into an eternally peaceful planet. A galactic citizen of wide-spread magnitude, Numar predicts the destruction of Earth if his instructions are not carefully adhered to. Numar’s complex plan is based on a socialistic culture where all the planet’s citizens are essentially equal. The problem he faced, though, was enlisting the cooperation of those people on the higher end of Earth’s social spectrum. Would he succeed, or would Earth’s destruction become imminent? Find out in this wild, satirical tale from the pages of Raymond A. Palmer’s “Amazing Stories” magazine.