The Horde From Infinity & The Day the Earth Froze – Dwight V. Swain & Gerald Hatch


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “The Horde From Infinity” by master sci-fi tale-spinner, Dwight V. Swain. It was one man against an alien legion. Men called them the Drossa. The first creatures left Horla a shambles. The second wrecked Bandjaran. The third reduced Calak to a wilderness of shattered buildings, smoldering ruins and hollow¬-eyed, horror-struck, pain-racked beings. After that—chaos. In less than three cycles the whole solar sys¬tem sprawled half-paralyzed under the impact of its nightmare in¬vaders, these monsters who ap¬peared seemingly out of nowhere to ravage cities and desolate colon¬ies. For the Federation, the issue ceased to center on whether or not to surrender. That stage had passed. The only question now was how to make terms fastest. That is, assuming anyone could ascertain just who to make terms with. And then, destiny moved David Rock onto the scene. The second novel, “The Day the Earth Froze” is by Gerald Hatch. Day by day, as things grew worse, scientist Jeff Corey couldn’t make himself believe it was hap¬pening. Water mains were bursting, hardening into gro¬tesque shapes. Electricity failed and fuel was buried beneath tons of snow and ice. In the rural areas, ice-shrouded farms formed white fairy tombs for entire families. Streamlined trains were trapped and buried in lonely valleys. In the cities, mobs of people roamed the streets, looking for food, clothing and warmth, while entire buildings vanished beneath mountains of snow. It all began with the explosion of a monstrous new rocket capable of destroying whole continents. But the aftermath—the start of a frightening new Ice Age—was proving worse than any nuclear war. Jeff and his fellow scientists on the jinxed Prome¬theus Project knew they had to discover a counter force to stop the grim invasion of cold or the Earth was doomed.