The Shaver Mystery: Book Two – Richard S. Shaver


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. complete with original illustrations. “The Shaver Mystery,” by Richard S. Shaver, is one of the wildest pieces of science fiction you will ever read. Amazing Stories editor Ray Palmer billed it as “the most sensational true story ever told.” Shaver’s “true” stories did cause quite a stir when they came out back in the 1940s. Readership of Amazing Stories increased for a while. However, Shaver’s largely incoherent writing and Palmer’s over-indulgent and equally nonsensical editing and footnoting nearly wrecked the magazine and helped lead to Palmer’s eventual departure as editor-in-chief. Visionary or scam artist? You decide. Here in Book Two is the fourth part of Shaver’s incredible under-earth journey, “The Red Legion,” just as it appeared in the June, 1947 issue of Amazing Stories. As a bonus we have also included Shaver’s very first novel, “I Remember Lemuria,” which had appeared several years earlier and was the first of Shaver’s “true” science fiction tales. Best of all, we have also included Shaver’s “Proofs,” which perhaps showcases this author at his nuttiest best. “The Shaver Mystery” is presented in paperback for the first time. Please forgive us.