Gil Scott Heron We’re New Again – A Reimagining By Makaya Mccraven (LP)


From Pitchfork:

On We’re New Again, McCraven takes Scott-Heron’s primary themes from his sessions with Russell—what it means to live in fear, the idea of home, how we confront our mortality, the mysterious and transformative power of familial love—and channels them into a concept record. His sources speak to his big-picture ambitions. Via samples, he incorporates music played by both of his parents—his father Stephen McCraven, a drummer, worked with Archie Shepp, the Last Poets, and many others, and his mother, Ágnes Zsigmondi, is a singer—to connect this music to his own history, reinforcing the album’s central concerns of place and lineage.

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Special Tribute (Broken Home Pt.1) 0:42

I’m New Here 4:13

Running 2:04

Blessed Parents 1:09

New York Is Killing Me 5:19

The Patch (Broken Home Pt.2) 1:16

People Of The Light 2:54

Being Blessed 0:14

Where Did The Night Go 2:37

Lily Scott (Broken Home Pt.3) 1:05

I’ll Take Care Of You 3:25

I’ve Been Me 0:36

This Can’t Be Real 1:30

Piano Player 0:36

The Crutch 2:34

Guided (Broken Home Pt.4) 1:57

Certain Bad Things 0:13

Me And The Devil 4:48