The Metamorphs & Microcosmic Buccaneers – S.J. Byrne & Harl Vincent


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “The Metamorphs” is an epic sci-fi tale by S. J. Byrne. Shahn was one of the last survivors of the Nrlan, an advanced people with psychic powers, who destroyed their home planet and most of their own race to prevent the spread of the Metamorphs to other worlds. Bred from a chrysalide, a Metamorph was a monstrous creature, evil beyond compare and human in appearance. The ultimate horror for Shahn’s people was that they themselves, when biological circumstances were right, transformed into these horrid beasts—beasts with a taste for human souls. After his wife was slain, Shahn resolved to destroy the Metamorphs once and for all, and keep them from contaminating the Earth. His only hope of success lay in the Earth woman, Lillian. But could he trust her? Be prepared for a wild novel that challenged the limits of the sci-fi field when it was first published in 1957. The second novel “Microcosmic Buccaneers” was penned by Harl Vincent, one of the great authors of the golden age of science fiction. Young Grayson worshipped his mentor, the master scientist known as Minott V8CA. Under his tutelage Grayson had become well versed in many forms of science and advanced scientific theory. But Minott had discovered something so incredible, so startling, that it was nearly beyond Grayson’s comprehension to understand it. Minott had uncovered the existence of a new universe—a universe teaming with new worlds, new stars, and most importantly…new life! However, this vast sea of seemingly endless space was different than anything previously known to man, because its entirety was smaller than the tiniest of molecules—a mere electron orbiting some unknown atom. But within this infinitesimally small realm, laying in wait, was a deadly alien force—the Prags, whose sole purpose was to conquer all new worlds—and their next target was Earth itself!