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Skelethon is the sixth studio album by American hip hop artist Aesop Rock. It was released through Rhymesayers Entertainment on July 10, 2012. The album is entirely produced by Aesop Rock himself. Guest appearances include Allyson Baker, Hanni El Khatib, Rob Sonic, Kimya Dawson, Murs, and Blueprint.[14] The album’s artwork was done by Aryz. Aesop has described death as a recurring motif on the album, stating: “It felt like everything around me was dying: people, relationships, all plant life in my apartment, you name it—it’s dead. That’s where the Skelethon title came from, and imagery associated with shit dying is prevalent. That said, I don’t think there are many “sad” songs. It’s more just like “ahhh I’m exploding”—I want it to sound urgent.”

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