Swordsman of Lost Terra & Planet of Ghosts – Poul Anderson & David V. Reed


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is tale of Earth in the far-off future, “Swordsman of Lost Terra” by science fiction great, Poul Anderson. It was thought to have been a planetary disaster whose roots could be traced all the way into outer space. Earth had gone through a cataclysmic change and one side of the planet, like its moon, was now perpetually facing the sun. The great civilizations of Earth had nearly been destroyed, and the few survivors who remained had fallen back to primitive ways. However, the men of Killorn held a weapon that none others had…the pipe of the Gods. This fantastic instrument spelled death for any enemy who stood against it. Master sci-fi author Poul Anderson spins a science fantasy tale of Earth in the far future. It is the story of the Men of Killorn, and how their leader, Red Bram, led them against the glowing-eyed hordes of the Genasthi, who had invaded from the lands of perpetual darkness; and how Kery, son of Rhiach, played the pipe of the gods once more.The second novel is from the man who gave us “Empire of Jegga,” David V. Reed. “Planet of Ghosts” deals with the undead secret of an awful world of ghosts—ghosts with the power to switch men’s souls. The name of the planet was Amanas, and it had wondered through deep space for centuries. Underneath its ghostly-white layer of clouds were the remains of an ancient civilization. A civilization whose beings seemed to live forever—the llanu, great winged beings whose origins traced back to ancient Earth. But there was also something else on this planet, something more terrifying than any sane man could ever imagine. But a mad, vengeance-seeking outcast from Earth conceived of harnessing the power of this strange horror—a power to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting citizens of Earth.