Ten to the Stars & The Conquerors – Raymond Z. Gallun & David H. Keller, M.D.


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Ten to the Stars” is a terrific story filled with harrowing outer space adventure by Raymond Z. Gallun. There were ten spaceships for ten brave men. Ten of them, brash and cocky for the most part, all equipped with Harmon Pushers, the new individual spaceships that could take you anywhere you wanted to go in the Solar System. So they struck out—some in groups, some individually—toward the unknown. For some it was as simple as going to the Moon. Others felt the alluring, exotic pull of Mars and Venus. Some even felt the mysterious beckoning of the far-off Asteroid Belt. But for all of them it was a chance to meet their destinies in the wilds of outer space. They promised to meet again in ten years, after they’d explored all of space. It was sentimentality of course, such as kids have always gone in for. Only, out in space, kids turn into men. The second novel is by one of sci-fi’s most unheralded master authors, David H. Keller, M. D. “The Conquerors” is a grand tale about the Earth being invaded from within. They called themselves “The Conquerors” and one day they decided to take over a big chunk of the United States. Soon a strange mist began to form over Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina—causing all man-made structures to rot. The President and the state governments seemed powerless to stop it. But who were these strange little men who came up out of the earth, wielding a power that could destroy the world! Only a staunch British anthropologist and two young Americans had any chance of saving humanity from impending doom. Their trail led to moss-covered ruins, underground cities, and torture pits beyond imagination!